“Thank you for your assistance in getting us refocused and targeted, it could not have been better timing for us.”

Slipstream’s 8 Essentials for Success

We believe there are eight essentials required to realise the true potential of accounting and financial planning firms. Here’s how we assist the firms we work with to achieve that potential.

Maximum Cashflow:

For accountants it’s simple. We’ll work with you to reduce your lockup (the capital you have tied up in WIP and Debtors) and your write offs. For some financial planners it can be about strategies for reducing your cashflow ‘lumpy-ness’, whilst for others it’s about addressing the ‘busy-ness’ arising from servicing large numbers of low profit clients.

Improved Profit:

The ultimate cashflow improver is to generate superior profits. We’ll help you develop a business plan designed to achieve this outcome. This means having the right strategies and organisational structure, then being held accountable for implementation. We’ll guide you to turn on your marketing wheel whilst at the same time pull on the efficiency lever in your back office. Effectively combining these elements profoundly improves bottom line outcomes.


Client Advocates:

Delivering great outcomes to the clients you like creates a virtuous circle whereby they are happy to refer their friends and colleagues. Most practitioners intuitively know this but do nothing to foster it occurring in their firm. With our help you will learn how to implement a proactive, yet tasteful, client referral program which form the cornerstone of your marketing program.

Risk Mitigation:

Our approach is based on a simple philosophy – strive for the best outcome but be prepared for the unexpected. Your firm will be all the better for having a set of built in “shock absorbers” which will ensure business continuity notwithstanding the impact of external factors. Far better to anticipate and plan for these situations ahead of time!

Team Engagement:

In professional service firms, so much depends upon engaging the hearts and minds of the team working in them. Our abbreviated term for this revolves around instilling The Hustle Factor into your culture. That is, setting an expectation of accountability and achievement, along with a sense of fun and working towards a higher purpose. From the day-to-day interactions which occur within your team through to more addressing the more strategic issues, we’ll help you focus the talents within your team to achieve your envisioned firm of the future.

Professional Potential:

We want you and your team to boldly succeed on your terms. Rather than check your personality at the door of the office, we will encourage you to pursue your professional interests and celebrate your passions. For some, this will be reflected in the clients they seek to attract and the specialised knowledge they accumulate. Yet others will express this in areas such as their brand, office design or in supporting the causes that resonate deeply.

Revenue Growth:

Whilst the amount of growth you set out to achieve will depend on your objectives, the reality is that when working with us your revenue will grow. And we consider this to be a good thing. In our view practitioners need the stimulus of new clients to help. It brings out the best in the adviser and provides the whole team with a spring in their step. Through our program, practical knowledge about marketing and sales gets imparted such that new clients come on board as a natural outcome. Of course, for those firms seeking to grow intensively, specific marketing actions get discussed, agreed and actioned.

Work Life Balance:

For us, any success you achieve in any of the other Essentials of Success which is at the expense of a happy, healthy and satisfying life is a hollow victory. For sure, embarking on our coaching program will require you to dedicate significant time to working on your business. But right from the start we will encourage you to make this purposeful. Your business plan should reflect what you want to achieve personally as well as professionally. Ultimately, whether your work life balance is achieved by working three days a week or taking three months to travel each year, we’ll help you to develop and implement the structures and support you need for your practice to carry on with, or without, you.


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