"Sharon said we would have tremendous growth in the next 12 months - we didn't believe it could happen, but it did. In our first year it was quite astounding, we had a 30% increase in revenue. That's what Sharon had predicted.” Accountant

Slipstream Coaching isn’t for everyone and it’s for this reason that we offer a 90-Minute Review at NO charge.

90 minute business review

What you can expect from your 90-Minute Business Review:

Calculations specific to your firm’s key performance indicators; and a

12 month forecast for your firm

We are serious about making good businesses great which is why we carefully consider a range of factors to determine the suitability of participants in our coaching program.

While some prospective clients are set on building growth momentum and being the best they can be, in truth many of the clients who seek our services are dissatisfied, and conscious that their best is a long way off.

Regardless, there is one thing that’s common – Slipstream Coaching clients are all looking for change.

Apply for your 90-Minute Business Review

“Sharon’s analysis was spot on and she was able to convey, in a logical manner, where we could be in 12 months time.”

Please complete an application for our confidential 90-Minute Business Review.

Once accepted, we will arrange a time to meet with you. Prior to the session you will need to provide some details so that we can conduct an analysis of your current position and prepare a financial model on your firm to discuss with you.

Each business is different and we’re never sure what we will find, but we promise you this: there will be no sugar-coating.

Honesty and transparency are central to our MO after all, our commitment is to help you, and your business, to reach your potential.

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