||I can’t believe how much more confident I am of the value we deliver in such a short space of time. I’m more than happy to have robust conversations with clients about fees.||

||This week I’ve had a great farewell to a client who was never going to increase to the type of minimum fee I now want and I took another client from $1100 per month to $2200 per month.||

||This is why I joined the Peloton Program: More fees, fewer clients. Thank you||

Peloton Coaching

As every cyclist knows riding in the peloton delivers efficiencies of 30% and 40%.  It’s here that energy may be preserved and inspiration gained for the all-important sprint to the finish.

If your idea of coaching is sitting theatre style listening to lectures, this program is not for you.  Our Peloton program is dynamic and robust.

We won’t just tell you what you should do, we’ll show you how to do it.

You can expect to be hands on, participate in discussions, debate and actively work on sharpening your business skills to achieve concrete outcomes, whether it be making your firm 15-20% more efficient, increasing average spend per client by 50%, or 100%, or improving the culture of your firm by aligning your business and client objectives.

We can provide the leverage you need. In much the same manner as a bicycle, which is itself a wheel and lever machine, we’ll help you to change gear to make it easier and faster to get where you want to go.

As the term suggests, the Peloton is a group of achievers; like-minded and determined, working together to achieve performance enriched goals.

Going it alone is tough, yet when slipstreaming with those of the Peloton’s calibre you’ll create the momentum you need to surge ahead.

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