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Multidisciplinary Firms

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Clients with complex financial circumstances are looking for a more seamless experience, with greater integration of their accounting, financial planning, finance and legal services.

However, capitalising on opportunities to service clients’ complete needs and ultimately help them to achieve their goals comes with challenges.

Harnessing the skills of different practitioners to create a combined approach to common client situations takes commitment and a shared vision. Integrating systems such that the client receives a seamless experience (rather than for example being subjected to multiple “fact find interviews”) also requires commitment.

Our unique ability rests in being able to “speak both languages”. That is, because we work closely with both the accounting and financial planning professions, we understand their respective strengths, concerns and foibles. This means we can offer invaluable insights for overcoming issues such as reluctance to hand over clients. It also enables us to share effective strategies to build the trust required to form a truly united team.

The end results of our assistance include systems which are more aligned and an integrated approach for delivering the best possible outcomes for clients.

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