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Episode 25 – The Case for Offshoring – Jon Ryall

Episode 25 – The Case for Offshoring – Jon Ryall

In this episode we talk with Jon Ryall of Frontline Accounting about The case for offshoring. Jon is well qualified to discuss this topic as he is both a consumer and provider of these services. Jon shares some very practical information about how offshoring works in practice, all of which is based upon his own experience.

Episode 24 – Interview with Julienne Barton – Sureal

Episode 24 – Interview with Julienne Barton – Sureal

In this episode we engage in a wide ranging discussion with Julienne Barton of Sureal about harnessing the power of you and your team. Amongst a number of interesting topics, we discuss personal success, career development, teamwork, leadership and recruitment – all significant aspects of human resources for accounting and financial planning practitioners.