In the Media

An important opportunity to grow the asset value of your firm

Published in the August/September 2017 issue of the Public Accountant magazine, in this article, Sharon shares her insights on how having a quality prospect database is the equivalent of a council-approved granny flat in the backyard when the time comes to selling your firm.

Diversify and stay relevant for the future

Scott’s article was recently published in the Acuity Magazine, a magazine for business leaders by The Chartered Accounts of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). In this article, Scott discusses how specialising is key to success in the future – building niche clients or areas of expertise.

How to be a bold accountant

Scott’s article published in Public Accountant magazine looks at the three core elements of being a bold accountant and provides some starter points on each. There’s no time like the present to get going!

How to introduce value-adding services

Published in Acuity magazine, Scott Charlton’s article discusses practical ways members in practice can introduce additional services in their accounting firm.

Revenue tips for accountants from financial planners

Scott Charlton’s article published in Acuity magazine looks at how learning the way financial planners organise their workflow and negotiate client fees and remuneration could transform the way you run your accounting practice.

Is your firm keeping up with the pace of change?

Our Director Sharon McClafferty shares her observations on how accounting and financial planning firms are handling change. Read more on this article that was published in the Public Accountant magazine.

CPA Thought Leaders Address Practice Hurdles

Panelists on a Karbon webinar from the US, UK and Australia recently shared what they view as the big trends and opportunities for accounting firms in the coming years, with a particular focus on what can be learned from different regions around the world.

Your leadership matters

The effectiveness of your leadership will make a profound difference in the outcomes you achieve in professional practice.
Read our Coach and Director Scott Charlton’s recently published article in the CA ANZ Acuity Magazine

Launch of The BOLD Accountant Workshop March 2017

Leading business educator, Scott Charlton has issued a challenge to the accountants of Australia: Step up in 2017 and “be the complete adviser your clients need you to be”
The initiative, themed The Bold Accountant was launched…