“it’s only when you step away from the tools you realise that’s where the magic happens, giving you the space and time to do what’s important – building relationships, driving new business, and developing your team”


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The accounting landscape is changing.  New technologies are making what were once bread and butter services less profitable and more easily accessible DIY compliance systems are set to significantly impact fees.

There are also new expectations.  Clients are demanding greater financial leadership and they are prepared to move to find it.

There is clear evidence to suggest, and we agree, the future for accountants is in taking a more centered position in the lives of their clients.

Winning clients and maintaining favour for maximising lifetime value is dependent upon developing financial intimacy and continually demonstrating your expertise and leadership through proactive and well executed advisory services.

Embracing this new regime requires a clear vision that includes coming to terms with your own professional value, articulating it and achieving team engagement.  It also involves identifying ideal clients who will appreciate your value and who will gladly pay for your expertise.

Slipstream’s coaching and mentoring role mirrors our recommendations. That is, we’re advocates for walking the talk and as such, we are committed to developing both a thorough financial knowledge of your practice and a close understanding of the vision and values for your business, and for the lifestyle you wish to enjoy.

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