"I can’t believe how much more confident I am of the value we deliver in such a short space of time. This is why I joined the Peloton Program: More fees, fewer clients. Thank you."


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The success of financial planning firms of the future hinges on planners moving their reliance from traditional revenue streams (that include a flawed commission system for product sales and funds under management) to a more sustainable and rewarding fee for service model.

For this transition to reap rewards, financial planners must anticipate the diverse needs of consumers and deliver high quality service to meet clients’ expectations for bespoke advice while efficiently managing the raft of compliance and back-office obligations.

Challenges addressed by Slipstream Coaching include practice management short comings that keep planners from front line relationship building; recruitment and development of talent capable of contributing to the overall growth and betterment of the practice; and identifying ideal clients and niche market segments for generating higher fees and more professionally satisfying work.

Planners in our program become equipped with knowledge and strategies that enable them to step away from a deeply entrenched jack-of-all-trades approach that welcomes all-comers and consistently results in low value clients. Instead, planners become aware that their time, energy and fees could be better directed at engaged, appreciative and valuable clients.

Collaborating with accountants, the ‘gatekeepers’ who typically govern access to higher value clients and becoming better at marketing, are also among important skillsets to be learnt from the coaching program.

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