In this episode, we talk with Gary Tupicoff, an experienced financial services practitioner.

During the course of a wide-ranging discussion, we touch upon many matters close to the heart of public practitioners, including –

  • How to have engaging conversations with clients
  • Getting in and out of partnerships

Gary also shares his approach to problem solving and strategy execution. He’s a master at this!

Gary backs all of this up with a captivating set of case studies based upon actual situations he’s encountered during his career.

Click here for the full transcript of the podcast.


Contact details for Gary Tupicoff
Ph: 0418 180 990

Contact details for Scott Charlton
Ph: 0409 870 330

The website address of Gary’s former business, Tupicoffs, (which is referred to a few times during the discussion) is
The Red Bear Photo Club of Tupicoffs can be seen at