Name: In The Slipstream – Episode #14
Artist: Scott Charlton & David Boyar
Grouping: In the Slipstream Podcast – Bold Practitioner Interview – David Boyar
Genre: Podcast


In this interview we tackle the topic External CFO Services – passing fad or fantastic opportunity?

We speak with David Boyar who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sequel CFO.

Enthusiastic podcast devotees may recognise David as one of the two presenters in the “From the Trenches” podcast – a lively, entertaining and very informative update on the Australian accounting profession.

David is a self described “Proud CA” & has worked in public practice, banking, IT and consulting. These days David focuses his attention on the external CFO area exclusively, in some interesting ways, as we hear on the podcast.


From The Trenches Podcast

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