Slipstream Coaching is dedicated to helping accounting and financial planning firms to reach their potential.

Our purpose
Our purpose at Slipstream Coaching is to help accounting and financial planning firms in Australia to achieve their potential.

We believe the impact of fulfilling our purpose is profound – the dedicated professionals in the firms we work with favourably influence the lives of their clients and by extension their families, networks and communities.

We also believe that encouraging and assisting these accountants and financial planners to collaborate for the benefit of their mutual clients will significantly improve the wealth of our Nation.

Facilitating these outcomes is why Slipstream Coaching exists and the success we achieve in these endeavours is deeply satisfying.

Who we work with
To achieve our purpose, we have chosen to only work with accounting and financial planning professionals who share our belief in living a fulfilled, happy and purposeful life.

Further, we only take on clients that we genuinely believe we can help. Otherwise, we provide a referral and/or recommendations as to where alternative support can be sourced.

What we do
Business coaching is at the heart of what we do. The coaching we provide is based upon practical experience, firstly in the role of practitioner, followed by a combined further 25 years in a coaching capacity during which we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of firms. We are constantly adding to our knowledge of what works and are absolutely dedicated to being the best source of assistance to our clients possible.

Our approach
We believe our role is to educate and guide our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions and remain focused on agreed goals. We hold people to account. Equally, we respect that for our clients it’s their business and their life – we are there to support them in this journey.

We aspire to lead by personal example. This entails actively accommodating important personal goals and events in amongst our commitments to clients.

Each of us at Slipstream Coaching is absolutely dedicated to upholding our corporate values.

A key part of our approach is to foster alignment of clients’ personal desires and their business goals. If we sense that a client’s business plan won’t result in a fulfilled, happy and purposeful life for the practitioner, then we have no qualms in telling them that it’s the wrong plan.

Invariably, our clients require a better business to achieve their personal objectives. We believe achieving this outcome requires them to become a better business person. This is the reason why our coaching program is as much about their personal journey as it is based upon the improvements to be made in their businesses.

We completely accept that clients will only remain with us whilst they see value. We strive at all times to deliver this value and to make the client experience memorable. Equally, we bring it to clients’ attention when they have largely maximised the benefit from their coaching journey. We value strong advocates amongst our alumni.

Our Values
As a team, we have determined there are three key values which sum up our approach and guide our decision making. They are –

Be bold
To challenge our clients and ourselves, to ask the tough questions and strive to achieve.


Be worthy
Of the trust bestowed upon us, the recognition we receive, the opportunities that present. We seek to give back to society and the professions we work with.

Be memorable
In the moment and over the decades. When our clients look back at their Slipstream Coaching experience we want them to proudly say that these years made a profound difference to their lives.

Watch the video to learn more about our values: