"At JBS we have always believed in the value of coaching to ensure our business remains relevant and keeps growing. It’s great to have a group of like-minded businesses, together with a lead coach helping lead the way whilst providing tools and the ever important accountability aspect."

Jenny, JBS Financial Strategists


If you are an accountant or financial planner in practice…

with revenue of around $500K to several million; you are focussed on achieving a growth target and you need help to achieve it; or conversely, you are dissatisfied with the present and you want to make more of what you’ve got, you know you’re leaving money on the table through missed opportunities, poor systems and burning up billable hours dealing with low value tasks and persevering with less than ideal clients – in short; you’re no longer having fun… we can help.

For Accountants

For Financial Planners

For Multi-Disciplinary Firms