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Slipstream Coaching is as much about leadership as it is about education and learning new skills.

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Realising your potential starts here.  Step one is getting better results with what you’ve got.

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Business coaching for accounting, financial planning and multidisciplinary firms



A two-day planning workshop that will change how you feel about your business and challenge your thinking

Peloton Coaching

Peloton Coaching

A tailored coaching experience focussed on dramatically improving business performance results

Private Consulting

Private Consulting

Slipstream private consulting for accelerated solutions designed to achieve short term objectives.

Here’s what our clients say

“Everyone needs a coach or a mentor. Scott has the business runs on the board as well as amazing coaching experience, sincerity and passion.”

Sue Voss, Director
Robinson Voss Partners

“If you are looking for ideas to take your business to the next level and you want accountability around this, Slipstream Coaching is for you.”

Grant Titman, Director
q4 Financial

“Fabulous! Enriching and valuable each and every quarter.”

Melissa Voss, Director
O’Connells OBM

“Just do it.
The benefits you receive by actually planning makes a huge difference.”

Justin Flavel, Director
Omnis Group

“It will be the best thing you ever do!”

Natalie Lennon, Director
Two Sides Accounting

“Do it sooner rather than later. I wish I had joined 12 months ago.”

Krys Canny-Smith, Director
The Canny Group


“Our goal when we started working with you was to get more warm introductions (leads) and to develop our business. You have certainly delivered.
Thanks again, your efforts have been exceptional.”


stu veridale

“Scott taught me that in order to be a successful business person, I had to think and act like a successful business person –  cleverly allocating my limited resources to their best advantage”

Stu Veridel
Heart Financial Advisers

“In all my years of being in business, I’ve never had a meeting day as good as today. We just wanted you to know how relieved we feel. Our client went home VERY happy too.
And it’s all because of YOU!!!
Very happy this end.”

Leah Oliver, Director
MINNIK Chartered Accountants

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Prosper Advisory
q4 Financial
Goals and Dreams
O'Connells OBM
JBS Financial Strategists

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90 Minute – Business review

For business owners serious about improving their business performance, this insightful and at times ‘warts ‘n all’ Business Review is a highly sought-after analysis that has earned a reputation for exposing otherwise hidden opportunities for businesses.

Read on to find out what you need to do to qualify for this review.

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About Slipstream Coaching

We are known for coaching, strategies, tools and resources that enable accounting and financial planning professionals to take control of their businesses forever.  We develop better business people; apply a wheel and lever approach and we speak both professional languages to bring accounting and financial planners together to achieve great outcomes… read more

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What to do when you can’t get staff: practical ways to address your “people problem”

During many years of coaching accounting and financial planning firms, I’ve often heard working owners expressing concern that they can’t get staff. This particularly relates to recruiting accountants/paraplanners/advisers to get work done. The aim of this article is to prompt you to implement and maintain a combination of initiatives over the long term, to reduce the number of people power crises you have in the future.

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The T Shirt Guide to Leadership Teams

In this paper we present a light hearted look at the four different characters that are likely to be found amongst the leaders of a professional practice. Arguably, an effective leadership team will have all four characters, creating a great dynamic through which the organisation can grow and prosper.

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Tips from a Wise Owl – Keys to a Successful Partnership in Business

Towards the end of 2017, I interviewed friend and colleague Gary Tupicoff for my podcast program, In the Slipstream FM, about his days as a leading financial services practitioner. Of all the experiences that Gary shared however, I was particularly taken by what he had to say about the keys to a successful partnership in business.

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Bold New Strategies

What role do bold new strategies play in the success of a professional practice? This article explores the motivation for contemplating such strategies, examines the way in which they should be assessed and raises some critical issues with respect to successful execution.

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Turning your resolutions into reality

It’s great to set goals. It’s even better to achieve them. This article provides suggestions as to how you can achieve the targets and resolutions you’ve set yourself for the upcoming year.

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